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UTV application poses BIG question for Broadcasting Authority… and it’s all about the numbers

Since news broke this morning of the UTV application to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) for a Content Provision Contract I’ve been trying to figure how the figures could work. Having worked with some of the players in the past* I don’t see that they (the figures) can work. That leads to a lot […]

A missed opportunity…

Taoiseach Enda Kenny spoke last night at Dublin Chamber of Commerce in the National Convention Centre.  There were almost 1,600 attendees – people in and of business. Time and again since this Government took office we have heard its members say that its “primary goals” are “economic growth and job creation”. We have also heard […]

Simple lessons…

I don’t agree with the prognosis by Dublin Chamber of Commerce guest speaker and Bloomberg CEO and President Dan Doctoroff that the Irish are pessimists but he did have some great points tonight about how to respond to crisis. His three lessons for a business facing a crisis is that it should a) keep investing, […]